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Thank you to everyone who submitted their customer stories, best practices, lessons learned, and real-world experiences to be considered for our 2018 ASUG Education program. We received over 2,000 submissions to be considered for this year's program, and our ASUG Volunteers were faced with the difficult task of reviewing  each submission. 

 All speakers and submitters were notified in early February regarding the status of their session. Please refer to your email from ASUG Education to learn more about your session status, and contact if you have further questions.

How many sessions were selected?

There are roughly 500 sessions (or 25% of total submissions) that were selected for our ASUG program. Additionally, a small number of alternates were chosen from each track. 

How were sessions selected?

After reviews were completed, Volunteers for each topic area chose the sessions they feel will best showcase the hot topics and priorities of their respective ASUG communities. In addition to the hot topics and priorities for this year's Education program,  we noted some tips for submitting to help improve your changes of being selected. 

2018 Tips for Submitting 

  1. The Value of Customer Stories

    Many of our evaluations show that customer stories are preferred. Customers, we want to hear from you. Partners and SAP, our metrics show that your session is twice as likely to be accepted if you co-present with a customer. While it is not required, we recommend finding a customer to demonstrate proof of concept, early adopter success, or lessons learned from a completed project. Confirm your customer co-speaker in advance and be sure to include them on your proposal; your session is much less likely to get accepted if the customer co-speaker is still “TBD.” We also recommend including the customer company name in both the session title and abstract, so attendees can see that when reviewing sessions to add to their conference agenda.
  1. Short, Catchy Titles & Abstracts
    Both the session title and abstract have limited character counts. We recommend having a session title that is easy to read and attempts to grab the attention of potential attendees. The abstract should be a brief, clear description of the story you are going to tell.
  1. “What Else Do You Want Us to Know?”

    You should focus on keeping your session description short, interesting and easy to read. However, that doesn't mean that you can't provide more detail. Use the “What else do you want us to know?” field to give our Volunteers a better understanding of the products, topics, and key learning points you will cover. The more they understand about your presentation, the better chance you have to be selected. These details will not be published with your abstract, but are important in our review and selection process.
  1. Review the 2018 Tracks and Hot Topics

    Get an idea of what we are looking for this year before submitting your proposal.
  1. Be Prepared to Answer These Questions

Additional FAQs

My session was listed as an "alternate", what does this mean? 

Your session is on our short list of potential replacements should cancelations occur. If a session is canceled, ASUG Education will work with the Program Committee to slate an "alternate".  After April 15, it is unlikely that we will need your session, but ASUG Education will follow up to confirm. 

If my "alternate" session is added to the agenda, will I be reimbursed for my conference registration?

Yes. If your "alternate" session is chosen and you have already registered and paid to attend the conference, you will be eligible for reimbursement. (See below Speaker Terms and Conditions for more details)

Will ASUG pay for my accomodations if I am selected to speak?

All speakers are responsible for their own lodging and travel. These expenses are not included within any complimentary or discounted registration invites, and will not be covered by ASUG.

My session wasn't selected for this year's program, are there other opportunities to share my story in the ASUG community?

Yes. ASUG regularly offers these types of presentations as virtual webcasts, sessions at local Chapter events, and at our other conferences. To learn more about these opportunities, please contact us at or

My session wasn't chosen, but I would still like to attend the conference. How do I register?

We hope you will consider joining us as an attendee. Early bird discounts are available if you register by April 13, 2018. 


Speaker Terms & Conditions

ASUG Speaker Membership Policy

All speakers are required to be active members of Americas’ SAP Users’ Group (ASUG) in good standing in order to present at ASUG events. Non-member speakers will need to confirm membership in order to be accepted as a speaker for the event. Complimentary or discounted registration invites will be withheld until membership is confirmed.

ASUG Speaker Registration Policy

All speakers must be registered for the event by the date specified upon your acceptance. Failure to meet this requirement may result in the cancellation of the session and revocation of any complimentary or discounted registration benefits.

Complimentary and Discounted Registration Benefits

  • Presentations with a customer speaker:
    • All presentations that have a customer speaker listed will be eligible for up to (2) two complimentary registration invites.
    • Note: “Customer” is defined as ASUG Installation Member: Licensed SAP customers who are actively involved in installing and operating SAP software within their own businesses. This means that they are SAP customers, and are the people who run and use SAP daily.
    • All speakers that do not receive a complimentary registration invite will receive a discounted registration invite.
  • Presentations without a customer speaker:
    • All presentations that do not have a customer speaker listed will only be eligible for (1) one complimentary registration invite.
    • All speakers that do not receive a complimentary registration invite will receive a discounted registration invite.
  • Roundtable Discussions
    • These sessions are not eligible for complimentary registration passes.

Note: Complimentary registration passes are non-transferable.

  • Passes cannot be claimed by anyone other than the intended speaker to whom it was provided.
  • Eligible speakers will receive only one (1) complimentary registration pass, regardless of the number of sessions they are presenting at the event.
  • Speakers who are eligible for a complimentary pass through other event roles (i.e., Exhibitors, SAP Speakers, Volunteers, etc.) will not receive an additional complimentary speaker pass, nor are they permitted to transfer their “speaker pass” to someone else.
  • Once complimentary passes have been distributed, any speaker substitutions or changes will be applied on a 1 out: 1 in ratio.
  • These same rules and restrictions apply to discounted registration invites

Still have questions? Contact us at and we'll be happy to help.