2020 ASUG Annual Conference Call for Proposals

We have extended our submission deadline for education sessions until Nov. 22, 2019. Please read below for our submission timeline, suggestions, and other information for assistance with curating your proposal.
If you have signed up to review content, you may now start providing feedback on submissions assigned to you.

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Submit Your Proposal

Deadline to submit:

66d 14h 59m 56s

Tips for Submitting

Download the Session Proposal Guide

Share Customer Stories

Customers, we want to hear from you! See the list of topics in our session proposal guide and let us know how SAP technologies have impacted your business.

Hint: Include the company name in the title and/or abstract to showcase the customer.

Partners and SAP, our metrics show that your session is twice as likely to be accepted if you co-present with a customer. While it is not required, we recommend finding a customer to demonstrate proof of concept, early adopter success, or lessons learned from a completed project. Confirm your customer co-speaker in advance and be sure to include them on your proposal; your session is much less likely to get accepted with a customer co-speaker if they are still “TBD.”

Topics of High Importance for 2020

With recent changes in SAP Experience Management and a fast approaching 2025 deadline to move to SAP S/4HANA, more Annual Conference attendees are seeking out stories on how take the next steps in their own company. We're particularly interested in hearing more on:
  • Stories of moving to SAP S/4HANA
  • Stories from those who are live on SAP S/4HANA
  • Stories from those who have implemented Qualtrics 

Ask Yourself These Questions

Consider including the answer to any of the following when writing your proposal:
  • Who is the intended audience?
  • What type of format would this proposal best be presented in?
  • Which SAP products are being covered in this proposal?
  • Are there any hot topics (such as blockchain, machine learning, Internet of Things, etc.) that audience members would be excited to implement in their own projects?
  • What are some unique ways you have integrated SAP S/4HANA into your current business processes?
  • How can your story help provide a unique point of reference for the attending audience?
  • Which SAP technologies helped your company succeed in a time where you felt behind the technology curve?
  • How have you used SAP technologies to help your company align with evolving/shifting business goals/outcomes?

Spend Time Crafting Your Proposal

The title and abstract are your chance to tell us why your proposal should be at the conference and the what drives people to go to your session.

Title = Topic + Motivation

Keep the title short, interesting, and easy to read. Include any products and customer companies featured in the story being shared.

Abstract = Problem Statement + Approach + Results + Conclusions

The abstract should be a high-level summary of what attendees can expect to be covered. Try to not repeat what audience members can already gain from reading the title, and highlight any other topics, products, and/or customers.


Influence the Agenda

Interested in helping to shape the content of 2020 Annual Conference, but don’t have a story you want to share? Want a preview of the hot topics being covered at the event? We invite you to sign up to review submissions. After you have signed up, we’ll be in communication with you about upcoming action items for reviewers.

Our reviewers are momentous in evaluating the proposals we receive and ultimately aiding our selection process. If you’re an SAP customer, this is your chance to help shape the content you want to see.

Reviewer signup is now closed - thank you to all who expressed interest.
Reviews will be accepted until Dec. 6.



Can I submit more than one proposal?

Absolutely! We encourage you and your colleagues to share stories on significant accomplishments using SAP software. We cover a variety of different business process journeys, so if you have stories across multiple topics, we (and our attendees) will be happy to hear from you.

Note: Submitting duplicates of the same submission will not increase your chances of your proposal being selected.

When will I know if my proposal has been accepted?

Notifications will be sent to all submitters and speakers by early February 2020.

How are sessions selected?

All session proposals enter our extensive review process and are then further evaluated by the ASUG Education team. We do our best to curate a catalog full of relevant topics and unique stories to fill the agenda with representation across all industries, business functions, and SAP products.

How many sessions will be selected?

We anticipate approximately 600 sessions to be initially chosen for the ASUG Education program. For 2019 Annual Conference, this was split between 460 presentation sessions, 50 interactive discussions, and 70 networking meetups.

My session was listed as an alternate. What does this mean?

Your session is on our short list of potential replacements should cancellations occur. If a session is canceled, ASUG Education will work to make a replacement based on the topic and type of story that was lost. After April 15, it is unlikely that we will need your session, but ASUG Education will follow up to confirm. 

My session wasn't selected for this year's program. Are there other opportunities to share my story in the ASUG community?

Yes. ASUG regularly offers these types of presentations as virtual webcasts, sessions at local chapter events, and at our other conferences. Engaging in one of these other presentation options will not take you out of the alternate list for 2020 Annual Conference.

To learn more about these opportunities, please contact us at speakers@asug.com.

Will ASUG pay for my accommodations if I am selected to speak?

All speakers are responsible for their own lodging and travel. These expenses are not included within any complimentary or discounted registration invites and will not be covered by ASUG.

My session wasn't chosen, but I would still like to attend the conference. How do I register?

We hope you will consider joining us as an attendee. Early bird discounts are available if you register by April 15, 2020.

Can I review content if I’m submitting proposals?

Yes. We are always open to have feedback from the network about the type of content relevant to your own areas of expertise. Reviewers must be active ASUG members in order to review.

I have more questions that aren’t answered here.

Feel free to reach out to ASUG Education at speakers@asug.com for any additional questions.


Speaker Terms and Conditions

ASUG Speaker Membership Policy

All speakers are required to be active members of Americas’ SAP Users’ Group (ASUG) in good standing at the time of presentation in order to present at ASUG events and webcasts. Nonmember speakers will need to confirm membership in order to be accepted as speakers. The Education team is happy to put any interested speakers in touch with the ASUG membership team to confirm details around membership status.

Complimentary or discounted registration invites will be withheld until membership is confirmed.

ASUG Speaker Registration Policy

All speakers must be registered for the event by the date specified upon your acceptance. Failure to meet this requirement may result in the cancellation of the session and revocation of any complimentary or discounted registration benefits.

Complimentary and Discounted Registration Eligibility

All accepted speakers will qualify for either a complimentary or discounted registration pass, which will be determined if and when the proposal is accepted. Any speaker additions or substitutions are subject to approval by ASUG Education.

Please Note:

  1. Complimentary registration passes are nontransferable.
  2. Passes cannot be claimed by anyone other than the intended speaker to whom it was provided.
  3. Eligible speakers will receive only one complimentary registration pass, regardless of the number of sessions they are presenting at the event.
  4. Speakers who are eligible for a complimentary pass through other event roles (i.e., exhibitors, volunteers, etc.) will not receive an additional complimentary speaker pass, nor are they permitted to transfer their pass to someone else.
  5. Once complimentary passes have been distributed, any speaker substitutions or changes will be applied on a first-come, first-served basis.
  6. These same rules and restrictions apply to discounted registration invites.

Lodging and Travel Policy

​All speakers are responsible for their own lodging and travel. These expenses are not included within any complimentary passes or discounted registration invites.

Content Amendments

Acceptance of an ASUG Education session is based on the initial proposal's title, abstract, and listed speakers and their respective companies. Should these criteria change after the session has been accepted and scheduled, ASUG Education reserves the right to deny amendments if they are deemed unfit to the whole content catalog and/or not beneficial to the audience the session is marketed to. Any submitted changes are subject to review by the ASUG Education team. See the Educational Integrity Policy below for more details on content compliance.

Educational Integrity Policy

All presentations are to be of an educational nature and should not be used to promote products or services. ASUG bylaws and policies prohibit all sales activity, direct and/or indirect solicitation, and any marketing messages from being conducted in sessions. During your presentation as a speaker on an ASUG session, you are required to:
  • Refrain from any reference to your company's products or services or products and services provided by any companies you have a business relationship with or will profit from. Do not include any information that would be considered marketing.
  • Refrain from distributing marketing materials (i.e., products, logo material, etc.) to participants in your presentation.
  • Refrain from any badge scanning, sign-in sheets, or any other means of collecting participant information. It is recommended, instead, that you share your contact information and invite participants to reach out to you.
  • Maintain a professional demeanor, including refraining from improper language or conduct when interacting with webcast participants. Proper professional conduct, marketing content, and language will be judged by the sole discretion of ASUG.

Speaker Cancellation / "No-Show" Policy

If you are unable to give your presentation, we appreciate you extending the professional courtesy of notifying ASUG at speakers@asug.com in order to provide our ASUG Education team sufficient time to arrange for a replacement session during your scheduled session time.

Please note, if you cancel as a speaker for your session or if you fail to present your scheduled session, your complimentary registration will be forfeited, and you will be charged the full registration amount.


Contact Us

Still have questions? Contact us at speakers@asug.com and we’ll be happy to help.