ASUG 2018 Research: 
Why Finding Quality SAP Contractors is a Challenge

Seeking Short-Term SAP Superheroes: The Predicament of the SAP Gig Economy

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Study Reports that Nearly Half of Employers Trying to Find Contract SAP Talent Can't Find It

There’s a skills gap in technology between the work to be done and the people available to do it. This is especially true in the case of SAP-related projects that are sitting and waiting for the right contract workers to complete them.

We studied the active gig economy that exists within the SAP community and found a mismatch between what hiring companies need and their current methods of finding high-quality SAP talent to do these critical jobs.

Read our research to learn:

+ What the gig economy looks like for SAP workers
+ The top needs for companies hiring short-term SAP talent
+ Challenges and opportunities when looking for these types of workers

Download the full research paper to learn how hiring methods impact the success of finding SAP contract workers.