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Try ASUG Talent Hub to Find Skilled SAP Contractors in
Just 48 Hours 

ASUG Talent Hub is a new way to find the qualified, independent SAP contractors you need to complete your projects.




Quality SAP Contractors

ASUG Talent Hub works with SAP-focused staffing firms to bring you the right expert at the right time. 



Largest Talent Pool

Over 50,000 sources for skilled talent delivered through one platform making the process more efficient and cost effective. 

Job Posts are Free

There are no job posting fees, limits or expiration on your posts so you can post as often as you need to.

Candidates in 48 Hours

Multiple delivery partners means you'll receive curated resumes for qualified candidates within 48 hours.


One Service Agreement

You get the best talent from multiple delivery partners but only have one service agreement to manage.


Easy-to-Use Platform

The user-friendly ASUG Talent Hub makes it easy to post your SAP temporary or contingent jobs.

ASUG Talent Hub is now On SAP Fieldglass

ASUG Talent Hub, the nation’s first SAP-centric contract talent platform, has joined forces with SAP Fieldglass, the nation’s leading Vendor Management System, to deliver the highest-skilled SAP contractors quickly and cost efficiently.


About ASUG

Founded in 1991, Americas’ SAP Users’ Group (ASUG) is the world’s largest SAP user group, serving 2,300-plus businesses via company-wide memberships. ASUG’s mission is to help people and organizations get the most value from their investments in SAP technology. The Chicago-based organization accomplishes this by connecting and educating people through in-person and virtual events, delivering customer feedback to SAP, and advocating for its members. Find additional information at https://www.asug.com/about.