The Latest on SAP Licensing

Why are we covering licensing as a topic? Because it affects every SAP customer, whether SAP has been part of your enterprise architecture for a few years or more than 20. At ASUG, we believe it's important for customers to understand what's in their contracts, regardless of how long and complex they may be. So we've gathered some information here about how you can start to answer some of these questions at your organization.

You can start by reading this letter from our CEO, Geoff Scott, to hear about how ASUG has been representing the voice of the customer in conversations with SAP, as well as what you need to know about the recent changes to SAP's licensing model.


Licensing-sprout_301x200What's New on SAP Licensing

If you want some tips and best practices for how to better manage your SAP license, you can listen to one of our latest recorded webcasts, featuring a discussion with David Morrison, former SAP customer and now SAP consultant at Snow Software.

You can also listen to the recap of our licensing webcast, where ASUG CEO Geoff Scott and the CIO of Johnsonville Sausage, Ron Gilson answered burning questions from the user community about SAP's traditional user-based licensing model and its new documents-based licensing model.


Share Your Licensing Questions

Please don't hesitate to reach out to us at if you have questions or concerns. We want to hear from you and help you find the answers you need. We'll update this page regularly with the information you ask us to cover.

We've been getting a lot of good questions so far. Here's a blog post on the top six SAP licensing questions that customers have been asking.

How to Get Involved

The best way to stay connected is to fill out the form on this page so you can continue to receive ASUG updates on indirect use, SAP licensing, and the new SAP licensing model. SAP licensing is a particularly hot topic at the ASUG Executive Exchange. Our community of C-level leaders has been talking about licensing issues at its local and national gatherings since last year.



SAP Licensing 101

ASUG has spent extensive time sitting down with subject-matter experts at SAP to discuss and determine clear definitions for the key areas associated with licensing.

What you need to know about your SAP license

Software licensing agreement webcasts

SAP Licensing Webcast Series

Before you decide what to do next about your SAP license, you should tune in to watch these webcasts. We've gathered voices from ASUG, SAP, and the community to discuss the finer points of the changes to the sales and audit process, along with the new licensing model.


ASUG's Licensing Webcast Series:

What You Need to Know About the Sales and Audit Changes at SAP

Matthias Medert from SAP’s Global License, Audit, and Compliance team explains the separation of sales and audit activities, as well as what customers can expect from the audit process today. Listen now.


Tips and Best Practices from an SAP Licensing Management Expert

David Morrison applies the first-hand knowledge he gained as an SAP customer to his role at Snow Software. He offers best practices and indirect use scenarios to look out for. Listen now.


A License Management Expert’s Perspective on SAP’s New Licensing and Audit Practices

Sebastian Schoofs, Executive Director at VOQUZ, shares his tips for how customers can make sure to know what they own and be ready if the auditors come knocking. Listen now.


Perspectives from Industry Analyst Jon Reed

Longtime ERP analyst and co-founder of Diginomica Jon Reed joins us to deconstruct SAP’s document-based pricing model and compare it with other enterprise software pricing approaches. Listen now.


Perspectives from Industry Analyst Josh Greenbaum

Josh Greenbaum has been covering SAP since the launch of the R/3 enterprise suite. He offers context on how indirect use is challenging all enterprise software providers and how SAP is faring with its new model. Listen now.


How SAP’s Document-Based Licensing Model Works

Sonya Swann, Head of Pricing & Commercialization at SAP, joins us to explain the new document-based pricing model, how it works, and the value it can offer customers. Listen now.


Indirect and Direct Use Definitions

Geoff Scott and Ron Gilson get into the definitions that every SAP customer should understand about direct use, indirect use, and static read scenarios. Listen now.


The CIO's Perspective on Licensing Changes

Ron Gilson and Geoff Scott talk about what these changes might mean for CIOs and other tech leaders. Listen now. [open to ASUG members only]


The ASUG Perspective

SAP Licensing Resources

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Geoff Scott and Joe Galuszka
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Chris Crone
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Richard Duffy
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2018 Letter from our CEO: The Journey to Clarity on SAP Licensing

Geoff Scott
April 10, 2018

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More Clarity Raises More Questions on SAP’s New License Model

Ann Marie Gray
April 10, 2018

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Examining SAP’s Indirect Access Licensing Policy

Craig Powers
July 7, 2017

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ERP Pricing for the Digital Age: Information Sheet

April 2018

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ERP Pricing for the Digital Age: Presentation

April 2018

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SUGEN Welcomes the New Pricing Model for Indirect Access


April 10, 2018

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Indirect Access Guide for SAP Installed Base: Information Sheet

April 2018

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SAP Global License Audit and Compliance Update

April 2018

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SAP Unveils First-of-its-Kind Pricing Model


April 10, 2018

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